How to curate your goals subjective to your changing needs


Most of us have some ambitions to make life happy. We want to chase our dreams. We want to try each and everything which we ever dreamt about. But how it becomes possible?

Life goals are referred to what we want to achieve in our life. They are far behind than what is required for our survival. There is an immense difference between short term objectives and life goals. A visible impact of life goals on our behavior can be observed. Our life goals support us to choose our way of life and values. Our goals lead us to personal wellbeing.

The life goals are divided into two main categories which are commonly known as intrinsic and extrinsic.

Intrinsic goals may include happy relationships with family, learning new skills, personal growth like becoming head of any department or doing Masters degree or Ph. D etc. while extrinsic goals are related to our social and financial status like becoming a millionaire or a star in a movie.

How to set goals in life

There are a few steps which are needed to be followed in goal settings.

The goal designing step

Everybody thinks different from others. Life goals are also different and vary from person to person. If one person wants to become a sports player, someone else could be interested in computer programming. If someone is interested in opening a restaurant, the other person could be interested to become a journalist. Thinking and goals of a teacher may vary from a police officer.

There are some points to be considered as goals should have an end after a certain level. For example, a student of computer engineering wants to become a part of big IT company like Apple, Microsoft, etc. a young businessman may have a dream to be retired at the age of 45 or a school basketball player practices the game more and more. He wants to play in the national basketball team.

It is better to divide the goals into different phases. It makes easy to move forward after the completion of previous phases.

Route finding

After goal design, there is a step of route finding. Discussion is important for this phase. This problem is generally solved with the help of brainstorming. Participant discusses various pros and cons of related topics. Sometimes it is better to discuss the problem with any friend, a senior family member, any teacher or mentor. After deciding one route, keep going on it.

Facing difficulties and overcoming them

Whenever we face any difficulty while achieving any milestone, we try to resolve the issues and we succeed because we have a strong belief that we can do that. This belief is a mindset which plays an important role to cope with the obstacles and hurdles we face in our way to success.

It is normal to face difficulties when we set various goals. Different barriers and hurdles come in the way to success and it is not unusual. We may tackle the situation by developing some strategies according to the situations.


When we set our life goals, it should always be kept in mind that there should be elasticity in goals. If a person wants to join the police department and fails a medical or psychological test, it doesn’t mean that he is not fit for any other department. He may join any multinational corporation or any bank where he can serve well. To avoid such issues, it is better to set SMART Goals.

The SMART Goals fulfill the needs of our ever-changing educational and professional working environment. There are some characteristics of SMART Goals.


SMART Goals are specific, well defined and clear. No ambiguity includes in these goals


These goals are measurable. Anyone can easily monitor the progress. How much has been achieved and what steps are still required to take can easily be measured.


It is better to review the required resources to achieve the goals. If you want to become a computer programmer without having proper command over programming languages, its impossible. If you want a writer without the flair of writing, very difficult. Thought the talent can be polished, and skill can be learned but it is good to work on natural skills you already have.


Goals should be realistic and attainable in real life. The easiest way to know that the goal is realistic and in reach or not is to ask yourself.


There is always a timeline in SMART Goals which tells us the start and finish dates. If there is no finish date, there will be no motivation to complete it in a specific time period.

The key advantage of SMART Goals is that these goals are realistic and help the individuals to achieve their life goals successfully. It is very difficult to set a goal and to achieve it in today’s everchanging world but SMART Goals has the capacity to deal with this issue by having realistic nature in it which eventually help the individuals wellbeing.

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